Alan Jackson Revisited

Lies, really,
our lives, well, most of our
lives did not change
fourteen years ago

No, they were inconvenienced,
yes, but not changed

And that is the problem

See, we went back to
alienating our differences and
pointing out the problems of

We continue to play the game of
blame and who has more when others have

There are still homeless soldiers
dying in the streets of our yellow
brick road fantasy world, and dinner tables with
missing chairs

Nothing changed that day,
fourteen years ago … Well, not
for all of us

And that’s the problem.

fall forward

nightmares became
less real as i 
slept more

but the canary
the canary
just sat there, sang
sang all night

dying wasn’t what i thought
it’d feel like, wasn’t painful,
wasn’t terrifying, wasn’t …

anything, as the canary
sang i felt nothing, not 
a thing

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